Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Countries and their spoken languages - for developers (json,csv,xls)

Some time ago I was working on a project and needed to know for each country what is the spoken languages and its code. I couldn't find a complete list in JSON/XML/CSV format, so after some hard work I was able to compile a complete list for developers.

The list contains every known (and agreeable) country together with its ISO two-letter name code, numeric code, spoken language and the language code.

You can download the list in various formats:

Sunday, July 3, 2016

tun2socks over tor

We all know that situation, you receive a link from PayPal, saying someone hacked your account and drew money out of it. Now, of course it’s a fraud (You knew that right?). But… You still want to take a look on the website. How harmful can it be ?

Well, a lot! Visiting a malicious website can be very dangerous for your machine, even if you’ll visit this website from a VM (with a safe restore point to get back to), then still, the attacker would be able to get some details about you. For example, your IP address, OS fingerprint (of the VM), and sometimes, even more details too (browser dependant). Recently it has been discovered that even browsing through VPN isn’t enough, and you’re still at risk of revealing your real IP address to a potential attacker!

So why not browsing the website from a VM for keeping the machine safe, and from the TOR browser inside the VM for not revealing your real IP address? Well, you could do that, and that’s what most of the people are doing. But... what if you want to perform anonymous non-HTTP requests? or what if the website offers you to download a contagious document, obviously you want to research it, however, would you download it? I hope not!

"Tor only protects your applications that are properly configured to send their Internet traffic through Tor."
Tor project